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At SXSW, I discussed the potential of the metaverse to revolutionize learning by creating immersive and interactive environments. I highlighted how these environments can enhance retention through active research, hands-on projects, and collaboration. I shared experiences from OMAIA, where ancient Rome was rebuilt with the help of renowned researchers and professors. Students can interact with these environments through activities like escape games and immersive quizzes using avatars. I also presented future developments, including AI-powered virtual avatars and smart mentors for personalized learning. I demonstrated how avatars can boost self-confidence and combat discrimination and bias. I provided a sneak peek into Nova's work, offering a glimpse of the future of education

At Harvard's Night of Ideas, William James Hall, I discussed how the metaverse, AI, and digital environments are revolutionizing education, citing OMAIA's project-based learning in ancient Rome and virtual science labs as examples. I introduced smart avatar mentors and emphasized personalized learning. Arnaud also stressed AI's impact on art, advocating for active collaboration and experiential engagement with new media art. I showcased my artwork "Prometheus the Dawn Bringer," inviting viewers to explore hidden experiences within, symbolizing the limitless possibilities of art. I enthusiastically proposed that our era marks a digital renaissance.

At the French Library, I delved into the fusion of art with immersive technologies and AI, discussing its philosophical implications in my talk, "The Impact of New Technologies (AI) on Art." I explored how AI challenges traditional art concepts and the evolving role of artists collaborating with machines. I emphasized utilizing AI as a creative ally rather than a replacement for human abilities. Additionally, I discussed immersive and interactive art forms like new media and mixed reality, citing examples such as the metaverse and palimpsestic experiences found within artworks.

Jean Arnaud Sxsw Panel AI Immersive technologies Education Revolutionalize

At NFT NYC, I discussed the transformative impact of AI on the art world, highlighting how it changes the classic paradigm of art creation. AI is not just a tool but a collaborative partner, enabling new co-creation methodologies and dynamic forms of artwork, including AI video, music, and 3D. This integration of AI challenges traditional views on art and the artist's role, offering unexpected creative opportunities and redefining the essence of creativity. My presentation emphasized the synergy between human intuition and artificial intelligence, marking the dawn of a new digital renaissance in art.

During the Mission Laïque Française event on the days of the digital revolution in education, I spoke about the potential of immersive technologies and the metaverse. We conducted an experiment with Open Mind International Academy, where classes were held in immersive and interactive metaverse spaces, fostering collaboration and creativity. This innovative approach revolutionized assessment methods by incorporating immersive quizzes similar to Kahoot and Gimkit, but within the metaverse. These advancements demonstrate how immersive technologies can transform the educational landscape, enhancing both teaching and learning experiences.

At the Metaverse Summit in Paris, I discussed our company's journey before pivoting towards AI smart tutors for research and learning spaces in the metaverse. I highlighted how integrating AI avatars into these immersive environments can transform education, improving hands-on learning and cross-disciplinary collaboration. These AI-driven tutors create interactive and personalized learning experiences, enhancing both collaboration and creativity. This innovative approach not only changes the way we learn but also revolutionizes education by leveraging the metaverse's immersive potential to engage students in new and exciting ways.

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