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He has done nothing, who has not sought to accomplish something greater than oneself.

 — Jean Arnaud 

As a Tech-entrepreneur

I am a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Nova, a company that aims to accelerate academic and corporate research with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). I live between Nice-Cannes (France), London (UK), and Boston (USA). I have had the chance to speak at different venues and institutions, such as SXSW and Harvard, about the future of AI-empowered research and the future of higher education and K-12 schools. I I also developed an AI-Tutor for an educational group called Open Mind and its educational laboratory, aiming to transform education. I believe that technology should have a significant impact, and because education is the very foundation of the ideal society we want to achieve, I strive to make education more efficient through knowledge application and personalized to help each student realize their true potential through technology.


The future of Research empowered by AI

Jean Arnaud, Nova, Yann Lecun,  Meta, AI, Harvard, Northeastern, Boston, Cambridge MA, Technology, Entrepreneur, Brain

With Yann Lecun 

@Northeastern University

Jean Arnaud Harvard XR AI NOVA GMonk


@Harvard XRxAI

Jean Arnaud AI Nova Boston French Tech Boston

With my co-panelists 

@Akeneo, Boston. 

Jean Arnaud Nova CIC Cambridge Boston Aethos Quantum technology

@CIC, Cambridge.


With Yvonne Hao

@Imagination in action, MIT

With my co-panelists


Jean Arnaud MIT Technology Review Nova AI education Ed Tech research IA AI

@MIT Technology Review

Jean Arnaud SXSW Edu Austin Nova AI Metaverse

@SXSWedu, Austin. 

Jean Arnaud Nova Jason Palmer President

With Jason Palmer

@GSV+ASU Summit, San diego

With Prof. Manolis Kellis


With Team France

@FACCNE Awards

With John Werner & Link venture


Education is about helping individuals reach their true potential and guiding them to collectively contribute to something greater: humanity.

 — Jean Arnaud

As a professor

and an educator

As a professor and educator, continuing my exploration of AI and the impact of new technologies, I have led various projects in digital immersive and interactive environments. These include teaching Latin historical and philosophical classes in ancient Rome, making the experience more entertaining and alive by enabling dialogues with AI avatars of Julius Caesar, Cicero, and Marcus Aurelius.

Additionally, dyslexic students used voice commands to produce texts, giving them the chance to express their ideas without the barriers of writing difficulties. Students also worked on language manipulation using the same vocal commands, enabling them to grasp nuances between accents. Moreover, they created posters and videos about the ideal city, Harmonia, which they had to invent using their research, cultural knowledge, and scientific and technological understanding of current problems. They used this knowledge to solve today's issues and reflected on the values the city should embody.


I have led hands-on projects for active education and participated in creating innovative and interdisciplinary modules that always emphasize philosophy to develop critical thinking and art for creativity. I developed an entrepreneurship program where students prepared their entrepreneurial projects to pitch during a Shark Tank with eminent experts as the jury. I also led projects involving the creation of video games, digital songs, movies, 3D interactive sculptures in the metaverse, and painting in VR.

I have been awarded several times for the quality of my teaching and my innovation by France, Uk and USA.

Open Mind International Academy

The Future of Education: AI mentors (powered by Nova) and Immersive-Interactive Environments in VR.

Open Mind International Academy

The Future of Education: AI Smart Iconic Mentor Avatars like Julius Caesar for History, Marcus Aurelius for Philosophy, or Einstein for Physics.

Jean Arnaud Education professor AI book Award

Write a book with AI


The Future will be built at Yale.  

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-29 at 4.35.00 PM.jpeg

Shark Tank 10-11th grade

Jean Arnaud

 With Steve Owens


Jean Arnaud apple vision pro apple education AI future of education

Apple vision pro


@ the center of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute

Art is what gives the world its soul.

 — Jean Arnaud

As a writer and artist

As a writer and artist, I explore the inner forces at work in the creative process and the ontological metamorphosis through the demiurgic effort. I seek to understand to what extent new technologies deepen the artistic experience for both the creator and the spectator, who becomes a collaborator participating in the enhancement of the aesthetic experience.I am recognized as a leader of the digital renaissance with my symphonic and palimpsestic experiences that unfold layers of multiple meanings within the unity of the artwork. I gave several conferences to talk about my 'trophies,' 'my soliloquies,' and my multilayered 3D statue in the metaverse, Prometheus the Dawnbringer, along with my dynamic art explorations in physical versions, digital versions, or assisted by AI. There are no better critics than artists themselves, who can bring from their own experience all the novelty of the invisible whispers they heard in their quest. They are the best to develop philosophical insight about their explorations.

Jean Arnaud Villa Albertine States Gaetan Bruel Artist Philosophy AI Web3 Metaverse Immersive XR New Media Art NYC Villa Albertine France poetry

Avec Gaëtan Bruel

@Villa Albertine, NYC

sxswn Jean Arnaud, Jean Arno Artist, Digital Artist, Philosophy Speaker Poetry Mentor Art web3 Ai art Metaverse

@SXSW, Austin

With my co-panelists


Jean Arnaud Arno NFT NYC Artist Digital Renaissance Philosophy Poetry Web3 Blockchain AI Nova Art And Above Astrée Poetry

Avec Jerry Saltz, Artnews





@ATTN Live,  NYC

French Library Boston Jean Arnaud Nova Jean Arno Philosophy AI Technology Renaissance

@French Library, Boston.


@Artech, Miami



As a dedicated member of the local community, I have taken on multiple roles to foster innovation and support future generations. As a board member of French Tech Boston, I organize events and secure partnerships to invigorate the local tech scene. My involvement extends to the Cambridge Rotary Club, where I work to assist students with tuition fees, helping them gain access to some of the world's leading universities. Additionally, I serve on the board of Blockchain Innov, organizing cutting-edge tech events, including those at the Cannes Festival and the AI Summit, and partnering with Forbes. As a founding team member of Aethos, the AI hub situated at the heart of global innovation within CIC-MIT, I am committed to driving advancements and creating a vibrant ecosystem for technological growth and collaboration

Aethos Cambridge Jean Arnaud Sam Rowe CIC Tim Rowe AI HUB Station AI Community AI founders Google Cambridge MA

With my co-founders Sam Rowe and Aethos

@CIC, Cambridge

Siemens Metaverse

@MIT Media Lab

Yi-An Jean Arnaud Rotary Harvard Cambridge

With Yi-An


Jean Arnaud French Tech Boston Board Member AI Nova MIT

With French Tech Boston

@CIC, Cambridge

With Lori Glover, Warren Wilson, Brian Potts


Jean Arnaud French Consulat Villa Albertine Philosophie Nuit des idées Reception Night of Ideas Consulat de France IA AI  Philosophie Poésie Art Education Poetry Ambassade de France Cambridge

@Maison de France, Cambridge

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